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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Please be aware that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy at Laser Bright teeth whitening. We request in any case the client would need to cancel or rearrange their appointment that we are given as much notice as possible before to the appointment, with a minimum of 24 hours. Please note -There is currently no charge for cancellation (unless a deposit has been paid at which stage if the appointment was cancelled by the client the deposit will not be refunded.)

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on any treatment or products.

Complaints Procedure

We hold a strict complaints policy at Laser Bright to ensure protection for the company and clients. We take all complaints seriously and we willendeavor to respond promptly and effectively. If you have any concerns or are not satisfied please raise your concerns immediately and we will try and put things right as quickly as possible.

If you have any concerns during the procedure please raise these issues with the technician at the time the treatment is taken place.

To make an official complaint please email us at addressing your concerns and please leave your name, contact details with the date and time of your appointment, so we can look into your concern at get back to you as soon as possible.

During each teeth whitening session the technician will provide you with aftercare information which is recommended for up to 24 hours after your teeth whitening. A white diet sheet will also be given with all details. It is recommended you follow the aftercare procedure. As every individual’s teeth will react differently to teeth whitening, Laser Bright cannot be held responsible for any shade difference after your appointment, should you have any concerns about the shade difference please explain them to the technician at the time of the appointment in order for us to resolve any concerns. If you notify us after your appointment we will not able to resolve or address the concern.

Legal Requirements

Laser Bright is committed in providing a quality service and work strictly within the EU regulations. We take the safety of our customers very seriously and ensure that all equipment and procedures comply fully with UK standards and EU regulations. Regular checks and up to date training is given to guarantee the best quality of treatment. So you can put your mind at peace.

We have provided you with information below regarding the law and cosmetic regulations enforced within the UK. Please take a moment to read the helpful information.


The European Commission are responsible for delivering cosmetic regulations and directives to European Union member states. Laser Bright ensures that all products available to consumers comply with the enforceable directive 2011/84/EU (formerly 76/768EC)

We would like to make it known that this information has been sourced directly from the European commission’s representatives, the relevant UK authority’s and the ACTWP.

Laser Bright is not a legal body we do not provide independent individual legal advice. Any information provided here is NOT in the legal sense, advice.