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Clear Braces

Straight teeth in an average of 20 weeks, at a price you can smile about. Here’s how it easy it really is… corrects dental concerns within 20 weeks with invisible customised aligners at a price you can smile about! We are an award-winning teeth straightening company that have launched our clear cosmetic brace system across the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Developed by leading orthodontic labs in the UK and Europe, the treatment can correct minor to moderate dental concerns. This is a unique direct-to-consumer product which is available online through Customers can book an appointment in our mobile clinic with an Xsite Health dentist !

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At Laser Bright we understands that one of our biggest insecurities can be our teeth and getting a shiny bright smile can be blocked by expensive treatments, and a large time investment attending repeated dental visits. We want to help everyone achieve their perfect smile without breaking the bank and at 70% less cost than other leading brace brands.

Get started with a home impression kit or a consult at our Manchester scan clinic . An impression of your smile is taken and a treatment plan is developed accordingly.

Once you sign up to your treatment plan we send out your aligners straight to your door. A straight smile is only, on average, 20 weeks away. The full set of customised alignes cost 1499 GBP , for both top and bottom, that’s up to 70% cheaper than a high street dentist ! That’s all there is to it, no repeated dental visits, embarrassing metal track braces. What’s there to lose?

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Make an Impression

  • Order your home impression kit to your door . Once we receive the impressions we send you your CGI Treatment Plan as designed by one of our registered dental professionals.
  • Align Your Smile
  • Once you sign off and pay for your treatment we send you your aligners that slowly move your teeth into your optimal smile position.
  • Smiles Are Forever


Once you have your treatment plan, our dental team will carefully craft your customised invisible aligner braces. Your kit contains a set of aligners tailored to wear in a specific sequence. Each new aligner will gradually shift your teeth over the course of the treatment, all you have to do is switch to the next stage aligner, as directed, every two-to-four weeks.

£1,499 for upper and lower arch


Deposit £185+ £45 X 36



Every set of invisible braces comes complete with a free dentist-prescribed BPA-free retainer to protect your gorgeous new grin and ensure your teeth don't move again after treatment.


Book Now to get 25% discount using code : HSTWM25

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