Treatment Process and Procedure -

Treatment Process and Procedure

It is said that a person’s first impression is the last impression. How you present yourself leaves a lifetime impression to the person in front. Smile is one of those primary elements that create your impression. When you smile, your teeth should shine bright to put a good impression on others. Your smile puts an impression on how healthy your teeth are.  If your teeth are healthy and white, people think you are clean and healthy. If you give a warm smile to someone with your teeth glowing white, the person will surely miss a beat. You do not need to worry if you are living in Manchester. We are here to take care of the whiteness of your teeth. Laser Teeth Whitening is located in the heart of the city. The whole session takes about one hour.

Teeth Whitening Process

Here we are explaining the process of Laser Teeth Whitening widely:

  1. First of all, a retractor will be inserted in your mouth. This will keep your mouth open during the whole process. This is for your convenience because if you try to keep your mouth open for longer, it starts paining and you feel like shutting your mouth every other second.
  2. As you know, your safety and convenience is our first priority. For the protection of your teeth and gums, we will be then applying a vitamin E teeth moisturizer and gum protector.
  3. Soon after this, the non-peroxide gel will be applied evenly to your teeth to enhance the bleaching process. The process will be accelerated with a LED laser lamp. This process which removes stains and whitens your teeth is called oxidization. To have the best results, we use America’s leading Brite Smile laser lamp which contains over 400 LEDs and legal peroxide free gel to ensure the removal of stains and discoloration of your teeth. We import all our products directly from USA.

This whole process takes up to 45-60 minutes. Each step takes 15 minutes. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals who produce excellent results. This whole process gives no pain and everything in this process is safe. Your safety is our first priority and always will be.

Concluding, this whole process takes 1 hour. Each session takes 15-20 minutes with breaks in between. Fast whitening procedures that promise results in 15-20 minutes whole, do not work actually. So this is a proof for you to know that you are in good hands.
Smile is a gift of God. But for smiling, you need to have good teeth. Our Laser Teeth Whitening is located in the middle of the city of Manchester. Feel free to contact us for any questions that you have in your mind regarding Laser Teeth Whitening. We would be pleasured to serve you. Take good care of your teeth to keep them white. Even after this treatment, you have to take care so that your teeth don’t stain. Use some good whitening toothpaste and avoid drinking tea and coffee or any coloured eatable item.