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Teeth Whitening Rules and Regulations

The battle of Dentists and Non-Dentists

It's your decision:

The disagreement among non dentists and dentists continues to this day and has done for many years, with each aiming to build their own case against one another.

This is the same principle as is currently underway in the industry of Botox between qualified nurses and trained professionals.
Wherever you may choose to go for your teeth whitening service, there will more than likely be 3 facts you will base your final decision on.. Qualifications, Experience and Price.​

It goes without saying that the world would be a completely different place without dentists as they perform an exceptional service when it comes to the health of our teeth.

But with that said, teeth whitening is a cosmetic, not dental procedure.

The likes of the British Dental Association and General Dental Council's opinion is that teeth whitening treatments should only be carried out by dental practitioners. After all everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that is simply all it is, opinion!

As neither the British Dental Association nor the General Dental Council have the power or mandate to make laws, this will never change unless the Government say otherwise!


Teeth Whitening Law

The law:​

The current law is that teeth whitening is classed as a cosmetic procedure and not a form of dentistry.

Non dentists are able to offer cosmetic teeth whitening services, providing that the accelerator gel used on the client contains levels of hydrogen peroxide reaching no more than that of 0.01%.

And as long as they do not physically touch the teeth including applying gel on with a brush.

You will find that dentists can legally use a product releasing up to, but no more than 6% hydrogen peroxide.
The majority of dentists prices per treatment can range between £350-£600.

It's easy to see why most people are put off. The price is simply too expensive!


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